nanoCAD Mechanica - A mechanical engineering software

nanoCAD Mechanica is a mechanical engineering tool with 2D drafting and 3D mechanical designing. It is based on an advanced parametric engine, and works with a large library of standard parts. It enables users to carry out fast development of high-quality mechanical engineering drawings and project documentation.

New in Mechanica

  • Flange Properties
  • New Types of 3D Thread
  • Document Properties Window
  • Assembly Unit Properties Window
  • Specification by 3D Model
  • Specification Positions
  • Stamping
  • Flanging
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Key features

Library of standard and complex parts

  • Search filter
  • Fasteners
  • Standard profiles
  • Reamers
  • Circuit elements symbols
  • Technical sketches
  • Machine accessories
  • Mechanical gears, bearings, shafts, and sockets
  • Electric motors
  • Gear boxes
  • Pipeline fittings
  • Vessels and apparatus

Broad range of design tools

  • Supports multi-sheet drawings
  • Constructs objects and symbols by a variety of methods, such as orthogonal drawing and using object snap
  • Manages drawing order of overlaying objects
  • Draws standard and custom line types, hatches, and fonts with styles
  • Dimensions through multiple methods and places technology symbols
  • Auto selects tolerances and deviations
  • Automated check of texts labels standards
  • Quick access to standard texts and symbols
  • Checks spelling with built-in text editor
  • Creates tables with built-in table editor

Parameterized parts database

Mechanica’s parts database contains a vast collection of parametric and object-dependent elements, including three-dimensional ones. When you change the parameters of a part, all associated parts in the drawing also change automatically, according to their database values. This powerful tool generates design variations, which improve the design quality.

Standards-based engineering drawings

With Mechanica, you quickly make drawings based on international standards using these tools:

  • ISO-standard fonts, line types, and dimension styles
  • Tolerance zones and deviations for dimensions and fits
  • Form and plane position tolerances
  • Surface texture symbols
  • Gradient symbols
  • Editor for writing and changing technical notes and specifications
  • Hole tables
  • Semi-automatic views, cuts, sections, and breaks
  • Auto-sorting letter labels of drawing elements
  • Fixed joint symbols
  • Marking and branding
  • Formats and stamps
  • Special arrays
  • Cross-referencing drawing denotations in technical requirements
  • Generation of table reports, with automatic updating of tables linked to drawing objects

Designing bolted and riveted joints

Mechanica offers flexibility in handling bolt and rivet functions:

  • Connect groups of parts with arbitrary thickness using bolts, screws, or studs
  • Connect parts of arbitrary thickness with rivets displayed in regular and high accuracy, made of hollow and semi-hollow rivets
  • Display simplified fasteners in joints
  • Generate patterns of bolts and rivets in joints

BOM tools

Mechanica’s BOM tools create bills of material of parts linked to drawings. BOM tables can contain the following items:

  • Itemized specification numbers
  • Electrical specifications
  • Automatic receipt of specifications
  • Custom specifications


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